Team Prodigy Mike
My 2009 Season and WORLD FINALS Thanks!

This 2009 season has been a very long one. It started Shortly after the New Years Day. We started planning for the new season. And took on a big build and to have it ready for SBN 2009. After a lot of hard work it was done. Now many months later it feels like it was just yesterday that we were getting ready for SBN and the rest of 2009.
The First and most important people that I must thank would be My loving wife Jen. Without her love and support, I would have never had the time to work all those hours on the Aztek. And It was hard for her to watch our 2 kids wile I was working on the Aztek, And attending over 20 shows this year ( Db Drag, Bass Race, IASCA, MECA, and some local shows). But her belief in me was strong all year long. Also I must thanks my son Michael. Most of you know that he helped me watch his younger brother at most of the shows this year. Without his help I never would have been able to attend so many shows. All of the help he gave me with testing and writing down all the info in our log books. And thanks to my youngest son Gabe , Even though he is only 2, It would not have been the same without him there giving the High 5s when we won and the hugs when we lost. My wife Jen and son Gabe were able to attend finals with me, Michael could not get out of school to be there. But he was there in sprit (and with a phone call right after I won). When I won World Finals If they were not there to share it with me it would not have been the same. Thank all of you for your love.
Next group of people that I need to thank would be my TEAMMATES. Steve Mick, And Adam Triff. Without there help building and testing none of this year would have happened. You guys helped keep me focused all year long. And your help and understanding when I could not make it to work on some of the TEAMS vehicles due to spending some time at home with my family. Thanks you guys!!!
The next round of thanks has to go out to Rodger Bridges And Crossfire Car Audio. When we started this build for SBN. I talked to Rodger and he kicked some butt to get me my amps and subs in time. For all the support that you gave throughout the year. Your believe in me all year long and at Finals. Also being there in the lanes for our WORLD CHAMPOINSHIP. All the members of TEAM CROSSFIRE that were in the lanes to support me in the WORLD FINALS Round of Finals. Including TEAM XS SPL, Jeffery and Chad. And anyone else that was there that I might of missed. I would also like to thank Crossfire for making such a GREAT product. I ran the same 4- XS 12
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Your welcome Mike
you had an overall excellent year and the title rightfully belongs in your hands.
Good luck next season and hopefully I will see you at SBN again!
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anytime champ,well put. now lets look forward!!!!!
SBN 2010!!!!!!!!!
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