My brothers coach got a call today from the Bellator promoter. Needed a last minute replacement for tomorrow nights fights. My brother and coach ended up passing on the fight. Jason would have had to cut 11lbs by tonight for weigh ins, get a CT Scan (Needed in order to turn Pro, which this was). I told him it was a smart choice, they have you on their radar, and next time you will be ready.

My brother is currently the Cut Throat MMA 145lb ama champ. Total Fight Challenge 145lb ama champ. Right now he is going for the 135lb Cut Throat MMA ama belt, and then will turn pro. (Jake Nurrancy is the current 135lb Cut Throat Champ, but is making his Pro Debut at Bellator 60 and is dropping the title).
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sounds like highschool weight classes lol, even though he'd make me tap out it 2 seconds
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Good call on passing. 12lbs < 24 hours???
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