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Good news man good news, now go spray paint the dog and make him laugh
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Wow...just saw this for the first time...its good to hear that things are going in a positive direction...hopefully he is able to have a speedy recovery...
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Broken Silence - Johnny
glad everything is going better!
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Team Extreme Sound

I am so sorry I just now ran across this post. I have not really been on term pro lately with the holidays fast approaching. But I am glad to hear your brother is doing good and finally home. Your brother and your family will be in my prayers. take care and have a safe and healthy holiday season.
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Originally posted by NotoriouslyLoud:
iggster i know you dont know me personally, but my family will keep your brother in our hearts and in our prayers, i hope your brother gets well soon.
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I'm reading this for the first time and I saw that your brother is 23 which is the same age as my brother. I couldn't even imagine what it would feel like if it happened to my brother..

I'm glad things are looking better and I hope your brother has a speedy recovery!
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