Team Bassick - Kimo
How many Car Audio Competition Organizations do you compete in?

Are you loyal to one organization only?

Are you bias between SQ or SPL?

I know this is TP home to db dragracing. However, it is also home to the term lab which is used different organizations. So that is why I am posting here.

Personally I've been a loyal to db dragracing for over ten years. It was primarily based on it was the only organization available out here. As I got more involved I realized there were other organizations and what the differences were. I consider dB Drag to be my roots but, I ventured out and tried other organizations and found each was fun in their own way. Even tried out SQ and found that to be fun on whole new car audio nut level.

Unfortunately, I noticed a lot of competitors are skeptical. I suppose a lot has to do with the fear of change or the unknown. This is how I see it,"It was my hard earned money I used to purchase this equipment. I chose to compete, so why not compete at every chance I can." This simple idea allowed me to branch out a couple of years ago and have since competed in USACi, IASCA and now MECA. Both in SQ an SPL were applicable.


I just wanted to see where my fellow competitors were at about the subject but, primarily to see if my fellow competitors has had issues of one organization bashing another organization?
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I've competed since 1998 or 99 in several organizations. DbDrag, USACi, IASCA, MECA, SLAPShow, Whitley(Two Dudes), and NSPL. I like them all.
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I compete in db Drag and Bassrace as well as Propper Droppers (testing @ 20, 25, 33 and 40hz) and EMMA ESPL
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I compete in everything available local to me, sanctioned or not. My car is not setup for sq, so I donot compete in that.
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Team Bassick - Kimo
Thanks for the reply. I copied this thread to SMD a local forum and have tried to open the discussion of taking on a different organizations in the area. Since the main thing of any competition is to support the car audio industry an industry that supports some of our lives and all of our hobbies.

Even though they may not want to build say to one organization over another at least support the idea of competition especially if you consider yourself a "competitor" as many of us do.
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I compete in MidwestSPL because it's the only org with more than one show a year within driving distance for me, and also have a shot at going to finals in.
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I compete in any sound off comp near my home sanctioned or not.... I do it for the lov of my stero. Db drag is awesome because it has always provided a great level of competition for me, however has become the most critized for the constant changes year after year, which is one of the biggest reason I have never created an all out build.... Just good equipment with good sound. Its all good....
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I've competed in just about every format I possibly could SPL wise. (I don't do SQ.. I dislike subjective judging)

So I've done DBDrag, IDBL and TNESPL.

A local best buy had set up a series of shows so I competed in their "Battle of the Boxes" series and of course any local show that's around.

I don't have a choice, there aren't enough shows from any org close enough for me to make it occupy all of my time.

The closest is TNESPL and I get to as many of their shows as I can but they're usually 3hrs away at a minimum.
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