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or you could do what we done and stock up on r22 lol when they were phasing r12 in the late 80s early 90s we stocked up we stil have about 400 lbs of it layin around on the farm lol all the new equipment is goin over 2 r134 so we are thinkin about sellin all our r12 we will still get more now than what we paid for 500 lbs of the stuff back then i think it was a lil over 1100 bux then now it goes for about 650 a 30 lb cylinder hahah we can buy a new tractor after we sell all that lol even at 3/4 the price and its all virgin 2 mwahahhahaah
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Broken Silence - Johnny
The wire to the center channel come out behind the wall-mount for the plasma, eventually i will drop it in the wall, but i didn't feel like fishing it through when i was working on it...

Justin, the house is 1000sq ft with a full basement. I trust the guys who did the hvac work, they are the biggest carrier dealer in the state of missouri and are very well respected amongst contractors.
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