I haven't logged into termpro in probably the better part of a decade.

Recently I acquired a PPI PC2100 and 2 infinity reference 10" subs. One of them is in a small sealed Q-Logic box. I will find out the size later. The other one is in a Q-Logic box for 2 10's and the other side is empty.
I also have my CDT 6 1/2 classic comps, and my US Acoustics USP200 that have been in boxes since about 2005.

I think I am going to put this in my 2002 BMW 330i. It has the stock Harman Kardon 12 speaker audio in it. The 6x9 subs are decent from approx 60-70hz and anything else they don't seem to play at all. They just seem to work for certain songs, because they are set to some random range.

So I am going to have to either cut the stock harness in the trunk before the stock amp. Or figure out how to make a harness so I don't have to cut it.
Then rip out the stock speakers and amp.

I have read up on the Infinity subs and it seems like they are pretty good in a small sealed box. Somewhere between .5 and .75 cube. They supposedly have a pretty flat response from 30-70hz.
I just downloaded WinISD.. It took me a while to remember what it was called. So I am going to punch the numbers in and see what I get.
They also claim to be under-rated and can handle more than 250w rms.. I am thinking I will try the one that is in a single small box and run it off of the PPI at 4ohm bridged and 400 watts and see what happens. If I blow it, well. I have another one, and they were a cheap craiglist find, so it wouldn't be the end of the world.

I made a 5 cubic foot slot ported box in college tuned to about 25 hz. I built it with the plan of putting 2 adire audio shivas in it. I ended up instead, putting 2 round Kicker Solobaric 12s in it.. I had it in my door room, and used to shake the dorm with it. it would make the door on the bathroom down the hall open and close slightly, and this was off of an NAD Power Envelope amp, probably putting only 100 watts to each sub.

So, based on nostalgic reasons, I would like to see if I can recreate the low bass with these Infinity Subs.
I am thinking
Playa Fly - Just Awaken Shaken
Three 6 Mafia - Late night tip
Tech n9ne - T9x
Ying Yang Twins - Kick in the door
That type of bass..

If anyone has some specific suggestions, let me know.
For all I know this forum is dead. I mean, there are only 2 active posts in this forum..

Also, if someone knows where I can get the PPI PC series power and speaker plugs, let me know. I see them on Ebay, but I don't want to link paypal to my bank account. So I think I would have to mail a check to put some money in my account.

I also need to buy some 6.5 inch MDF speaker rings. (and then get a dremel and cut metal out of my front doors)..
What generic dynamat is good these days? BrownBead or Edead? A lot of things actually haven't changed at all in the last 10 years.. At least with subs, speakers, class a/b amps, etc..

I am planning on keeping my stock HU, and running an LOC. Are their any quality issues, or can I use a few $5 monoprice LOCs and be fine?

Thanks in Advance...

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Also, I cracked open my PPI today..

The black chips, maybe they are MOSFETS? Are not touching the metal of the case. There is some white thermal paste on them.
But, I think that the back panel is pushing them down.
Should I leave it? Should I put some Arctic Silver or something under them? The amp should be a tank, and I probably shouldn't have even taken the back off.

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