First of all to my team... Car Audio Performance...

I know now that i have made the right decision since last year when we have been working together...Better late than ever Vasili!To the future...

To Jonathan Demuth aka T3audio...JD i have to say that no one has done so many things for me in all of this long journey of competing in the SPL lanes as you have in the past 6 months.
THANK YOU is just the least i can say.I promise we will do more in the near future...

All the Greek Competitors that always stay united at big events! TASOS STATHIS STAVROS NIKOS PANTELIS SPYROS...

John Pouliakas for all of the help he has offered during the season...

George Gousetis aka "LAOURA" LOL...You are the Woofer "Meister"!!!!

And Last but not least George Dimitriadis aka "trelolude" Man you are more Greek than many Greeks who live here!!!Keep up!!!

Thank you to all of the competitors who fight for just the beauty of the sport!!!!
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allien sound
First of all I want to thank my team Car Audio Performance .

I want to say a big thanks to T3 Jonathan Demuth who stood by our side at all times. Its the first time Ive received so much support from a mobile audio company. Thanks again and this is just the beggining.....

Also I want to thank John Pouliakas for being next to me all the time running and trying to be as close as he could be. John you are the man . Thank you and this is the least I can say .......

In the end I want to thank the whole Greek team keep up the good work guys!!!!!!!!!
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Hi Guys ,

i like to say : i saw you guys in the corner and liked to talk more , but language probs did get me to just pass by couple of times ,
my greek is as good as 0
Next time i come together with George to you

It was nice to see you !!! Till next year !
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kiss my bass
Thanos , thanks for good words i really appreciate it. I just hope that people that will read this will understand that no matter what equiptment each of us has in his cars or works with , no matter which teams or team t-shirt we wear, freindship- appreciation- honesty and respect must never affect us personally.
We are on the same NATIONAL TEAM... and we are the elite.....

As for you Vassilis I THANK YOU for giving me the opportunaty to stand by you , support you and also learn from you.
Im sorry i cound not help you more at finals.. Im dissapointed too but we learn,get stronger, we UNITE and power up for next season.
We must never forget :

Thanks to all you guys.

ps. Stany next time you just come over with a beer..language has never been an obstical for communication!!!Db drag has its own language..
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I hope that next season you will be there too competing!
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Sorry, I have been very busy and just checked the forum here....

You guys are all a class act.....
I can't wait to see what happens in 2010!!

You guys get ready to kick some ass next year....

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