for a 4 ohm speaker, 80hz with a 12db slope. using an online calculator showed i needed:

351.64332 cap with a 11.25259 coil.

SO, how about these two parts:




are these close enough to what i need to buld or am i way off? i have no experience building these things....

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you're quite a bit off.
You are WAY off. These would work WAY better.
One of these...

and FOUR of these in parallel....

that's gonna cost you over $120 in parts easy.

What are you trying to do exactly? You should just get an electronic crossover which will create less phase change. Most decent radios and most amplifiers will have crossovers built in
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thank you.

i bought a set of rainbow slc 365 kick speakers. actually wanted the non-kick versions, but they were sold out of those.

in reading the manual, it states that the kick version requires that an 80hz high pass filter be put before the 6" woofer or the speaker could be destroyed.

looks like the kick and non-kick version of the slc 365 share the same crossover. it would have been nice if rainbow had either put a switch on the crossover to do this filtering (or not depending on the switch) or supplied you with an inline high pass filter, but they did neither.

the woofer between the kick and non-kick versions are different speakers, so i guess they could have put it directly in the kick version if they wanted to, again, they did nothing.
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What amplifier are you going to run them on?
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