hello guys,I have got one SS XXX15 sub and Stetsom 7K2E 1ohm 12 volt version amp.
I built 4.50 Cubic feet(about 137 Liter) box design.and I added two 4inc round port and each lenght 14ınc(I think 32hz)box roughly high dimension 19.70ınc(50Cm)lenght 27ınc(69cm)and deep 25.60Inc(65cm)and I built 1.18ınc(30mm)mdf.
but I feel sub sound good but violence and power less.
I think should be very violence and power this is wiring. sound good but power and violence more less than my old one SS Splx122.
Last night I measured Desibel on my car.
I got 146DB with one SS Splx122 (65 liter and slot port about 40HZ)
but I got 140DB with one SS XXX15.(137Liter and round port about 32-33HZ)I Think that is problem..I was thinking get to with one SS xxx15 about 150db but unfortunatelly.maybe bass very far bottom plate. is problem can be?I think.(50cm)what do you think about it?sub totaly high about 28cm.
infact I want to violence ,power and sound quality for daily in my systems.
I usually a lot of used box design for my car. but I usually like about 40hz port(slot)
I got both in desibel and power and quality.
With this info What suggestions can you?
How can I do for more violence DB and power?
If you help to me and give technical detail ,I will be happy.
Thank you.
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apart from this I think two 4 inc round port inadequate for db.is slot port can be effective more than round port.I usually used slot port for my box design(about 40hz.)and usually I got more power more violence and quality.
what do you think about it?
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