i have several kinetik hc2400 and powermaster d3100. i'm planning to do 16volts on another project car. i was wondering what better option would be.

option 1: dispose all 12v batts and get new 16v batts.

option 2: purchase new 4v batts and wire them in series.

for me option 2 would be more cost efficient since i have access to 4v batts from GroundZero. my concern though is that the kinetiks are 3 yrs old now. 1 yr for the powermasters. would i see a problem with it? im leaning more towards burping on this project car rather than daily groundpounding although i can could just unhook the 4v to go down to 12v for daily use. btw, they'll be charging off a 300amp externally regulated aux alt.

any suggestions?

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option 2
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how about sell the 12 volts and buy new 16volt Xs batts
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We usually suggest against mixing multiple brand/chemestry batteries together in one bank. I've used the 4V series bank in the past and had much better luck with the straight up 16V system.
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