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pimpin at my house
out of those i would do lvl,btl,heavy weight. reason being you can get recones at a reasonable price.

some of the other woofer listed are hard to get parts for when you blow a sub...
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Personally, I would go with 2 12's.

Would handle that power MUCH MUCH better for daily, will work in that amount of airspace, and is actually more cone area than 1 15".

Only negative is some additional weight depending on what model you go with.
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i think im going to start back to the basics with this whole idea again and possibly reconfigure some schematics for a new enclosure based on what i had before, but im not sure if i want to go with two 15s again or two 12s. but im leaning towards the 15s because i want low low end, but 12s can do that if you find the right ones i suppose, just wont push as much air
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