Hey guys I am looking into making another box for my car and wanting to hopefully make this the last one i have to build. I am running 2 12's and a a 4000 watt amp, Have 3 runs of positive zero gauge front to back and 3 runs negative zero gauge front to back. Car was responding well to 49hz before but since then I have done some deadner in the trunk so that may have changed a bit.

The max dimensions for the new box I am looking to build can be 14 inchs tall, 32.5 inchs wide and 28 to 30 deep. I want to run a slot port that anywhere from 6 inchs width. Basically what i need is help making sure i don't have to much box for my subs and make it strictly for producing good spl.
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I don't remember if this will slide in or not but try 28x28x14 both subs firing forward and a 6" aero facing the drivers side
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