Alright i recently sold my system that i had. It was a 1st gen RE audio XXX 15", Hifonics Brutus 1605d amp, and a custom woodlawn cabinetry box 3.5' cubes ported to 27Hz. I still have a high output 220amp alternator in my car, 0/1 gauge power, ground and big 3 done. I have a 1997 Inifinti Q45. I think i can fit 4 to 5 cu.ft. in my trunk. I have $1500 to spend and im kinda thinking buying some lightly used stuff so i can get more for my money. This is a daily driver, almost all rap music, and love the lower bass. I thought my old system was loud and clear. So if you guys can tell me what i should look into or what you would buy with that money thats louder and clearer if possible id appreciate it. I'm thinking one 15", or one 18", possibly two 12"s, or 2 15"s. I've been hearing alot about DD audio, cactus Sounds, Sundown audio, Fi, and IA. Any info would be good thanks.
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im a distributor for ia lemme know if theres anything i can help you with ill give you a great price
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