Mr. Alpine Clean
im looking some help on what speakers to buy i want them to be loud but still have good sound quality im goin to use them in some kick panels i want to make, my doors and a rack in the back of my jeep and also ive been lookin at some subs but im not sure which ones i should get im lookin for something above the alpine type x i loved it but i want to try something new i was thinking either FI, RE and Hifonics subs i was planning to choose out of any help in that area would be great
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got pics of what u currntly have?
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You would be hard pressed to find better than these
IMHO I used this brand a lot already and compared to most other High end drivers these were much warmer sounding to me.
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I wish the still made the Audax Aerogels. I have some of the 4" and they sound great. I wanted to try some of the 7"
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