came across a linear power amp. dont know anything about it,and havin problems finding anything about it. it says its a series 3. its brand new never used. heres a picture of it. any help and its value would be apreciated.

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try diymobileaudio
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The Natural
I would say to check here:

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Call TIPS @ 601-932-8477 was LP's repair center and they know LP better than anyone. If they still exist.
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pimpin at my house
mint shape like that its worth ALOT. is it a 2.2?
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Looks like a 2.2HV just from that picture. Here is one I owned about 6-7 years ago:

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2.2 or a 2502. Great amps.

Probably could get 7-800 for it if a 2.2.
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