Hey there, since I have a Smartphone and since
I am playing around with it (without playing silly games)
I have an idea:

we have so much spelling errors at events and
wayne needs to change so many names during a season
and his time could be "used" way more efficient.
dont know if HE thinks about the same idea
or whatever. but some you may know this qrcode thing
what you can scan with your i or smartphone.
if we use that for db drag, and wayne programmes
a button into the mask of the termlab, we
will reduce the errors maybe.
all the event promotors need is a cheap webcam.
(if it isnt already built into the computers they

it looks like this and can be made by anyobe without costs.
qr code developed by denso (better tell this when you mention it).
code can be made here for example.

its easy, its free, its fun!
and the heck, its USEFUL!

scan this picture with your phone (Ixmat Scanner for android for example)

the text is just an idea.
wayne can find a format to use or whatever...

just a bit brainstorming here...

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i like this.
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great idea oki!
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dB Drag Feldjaeger
I use QR Codes in Forums since over 2 years now...

Its also easy to write it down right...
You can write the competitors ID Number in the termlab also...
QR Code to use is a great idea, but maybe in 5 years....


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great idea im still waiting on 25 pts because of that !
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Arizona Kid
Good idea
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Awesome idea Oki!
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