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Originally posted by ssluke:
how much are u gaining off the tube
0.1 dB with the PVC on the corner.
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Pulse Car Audio
thats a beefy looking sub
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That sub looks real nice
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Thanks guys

I plan to try four 4500s on it at 0.5 each to see if that gains at all.

One on one the 4500 is about 1 dB louder than the 3500D... moving to four 3500s @ 0.5 each loses about 0.5 dB compared to two 4500s @ 0.25 each.

I'm hoping I can gain the difference and move up 0.5 dB with the four amps.

I hate to say it but I may have to go back to 16v so I don't have to use so many amps!
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Master Yoda
well lets hope that you do not run into the same issue that I am seeing now! atleast you should be able to get that resolved!good luck to you and keep us posted!
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