Has anyone tested the 3XL-151d subs. Im trying to find out if they are any good for SPL and will they hold up under pressure. Im not referring to the plastic cone subs but the latest subs powerbass came out with. Give me your input. Thanks.
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If your talking about

Then yea,i had a couple of them.
They arent bad,and for the price i got them for,really cant beat them.
I had them in a 4th order in the trunk on a PB5K.
did a 48.5 with them.
But they dont like getting low. and the not being able to get recones thing blows...
Even on a PB5K @ .5ohm i beat on them hard for about an year before one locked up.
And i mean beat on them,everyday.
Surprised me alot.
But their not going to set records.
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I will be using a powerbass 3k on each sub. I will just be burping them.
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