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Luke i told you days ago about the seat/headrest issue. You obviously know the rules in ss better than me. Well i guess you dont now.
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whatever man cause **** with me if u want i really dont care , not to sure what your talking about you didnt tell me anything , if your refering to the post above ok then , when somones told their not allowed to remove somthing out of their car from a registerd judge obviously im going to listen to them , had no reason to go against their reasoning , im sorry i dont know the rules as well as you , jeremey and mike already cleared it ups o not to sure why your even posting
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I have to apologize... I was wrong...

Rule 3-12

For those areas located in front of the B-Pillars, the original OEM "look" of the vehicle must be retained.

That means, if you let the seats inside a Super Street vehicle, headrest MUSST be in place...

Sorry for confusing...


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ive always gone by this , it makes sense to me , if your still using the seat the entire seat must be inside the car , otherwise the entire seat is taken out

thanks for clearing that up mike
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