I have been out of the car audio scene for a while. I use to be a member here but ever since I got my old system running good I stopped reading and searching for stuff(I know some of you know how that goes). Last time I was into it the new RE Audio XXX had just came out.

I'm looking to put a new system together in a new car(2003 Aurora) and I want it to be louder than my old setup. My old system:

1 15" RE Audio SX in a 4.5cube ported box tuned to 31hz. Sub facing up and port back. With a Crossfire VR1000D. I had hit a 146 something when I got it tested.

I want to stick with 15" speakers and higher. I would like if you all could give your opinions about what would be louder and rec a few subs and amps that can do the job very well. Looking for this to be a daily driver that's pretty louder so 60/40 SPL/SQ

Either I would like.......

2 15's with about 2.5-3.0cuft to each sub in a ported box(I know thats small but love ported) with 1 amp(1500-3000 real watts).


1 18" with 5-6 cubes in a ported box with the same type of amp above.

Please guys I don't even know where to look now a days and this forum use to be so good for help. Thx

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American Bass HD series 15" subs and a 500.1 on 2-3 batteries at .5 nominal. Run 2 runs(minimum) American Bass 0 gauge power and ground wire, front to back. The subs will do well with 3 cubes after sub/port displacement. I would go with 2 15's for better power handling and a little more cone area. Contact bob@American Bass at 216-662-2522.
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