Hi, I am looking at building a street stock A car out of my 2008 Honda Fit. Last time I competed was SQ, 10 years ago. Nothing serious, just a hobby I want to get back into.

I am having issues picking a sub. I want to do a single 10 or 12 being that the Fit has limited space. I am looking at a local shop here that carries Atomic, the Quantum and the Apocalypse subs. Would these be legal? What about a DD25xx?

Also there are currently no local comps, but will be soon so there are no local judges to ask yet.
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The Repo Man
Your best bet is to email Wayne directly as this is still a undefined area in the rule book.
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Rip Rock

Try asking on sunday night in chat mabye.
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dominic mrzena
i have an 07 honda fit i suggest 3 12" at 1.5cubes each or 4 10" 1 cube each. all fireing up 15sq in of port per cube. i have built 12 boxes and this is the best application for this car. if you figure out a better design let me know.
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Toxic Tuan
Everything is so unclear...????
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