ESP Challenge
Here is some info about the upcoming events:

28th 2X Lebanon, Tennessee

30th 2X Cincinnati, OH
16-17th Slamology 3X

7th 2X Mansfield, OH
21-22nd 3X Taylor, MI

25th 2X Mount Clemens, MI

22nd 3X 2012 dB Drag Racing & Bass Race Regional Championships

27th 2X 4th Annual BOOm Fest

The plan this season (2012) is to have:
(1-2) 3X events. 0 complete
(4-5) 2X events. 0 Complete
(10-12) 1X events. 0 complete


Introducing the Extreme Sound Productions (ESP) Challenge to the Midwest.

I am proud to be able to offer an added twist and bit of excitement to the already fun and exciting sport of SPL competitons.

I have devised a points accruement format in conjunction with sanctioned Bass Race and dB Drag Racing events. The object of this points system is to accrue as many points as possible during the season to get an invite to the year end Finale which the top 25 Bass Racers will be invited to compete for a nice cash prize and trophies. At the Finale, the cash prize purse may reach $500 or more. The more you attend the better your chances are. There will be a cash prize ($50 minimum) at each event (unless otherwise specified for a particular event) for the Best Bass Racer accumulating the most points. A maximum of 20 points (which is a perfect score) is possible for each 1X event. There will be 2X and 3X events also with higher payouts.


For the 2012 season, there will be bigger incentives to give you even more reason to make it out and compete at the already exciting dB Drag Racing and Bass Race events in the OH, IN, MI, PA area. The rules for points accumulation at individual events will remain the same so you just need to come on out and do your thing. Next, there will be the standard ESP Challenge 1X events and they will be $50 to win. There will be occasional 2X and 3X ESP point events (with higher payouts, ie. $100) which will be critical to at least atttend in order to earn more points towards your season end total. If there should be a tie in points at the end of the season then one or more tie break methods will be used to determine the overall winner. The first way is by whom ever has the most individual event wins. Second way is by whom ever has the most perfect event scores, ie 20 pts at a 1x, 40 at a 2x or 60 at a 3x. This should break any tie and in turn crown a champion. The Grand Prize for the season ending points champion in 2012 will be a minimum of $1000 thanks to Wicked Kustomz for sponsoring half of that pot. It will only keep growing from here. There can only be one Grand prize winner and champion. More TBA

There will be no more than 15 ESP Challenge events. There is no limit on how many events you may attend but only your top 10 scoring events will be used towards your season ending total (this helps you out incase you have an event where you don't do so well). This way you dont have to attend all of the events if you dont want to but doing so increases your chances of winning in the end. Your individual event totals will be tracked and recorded.

There are a few methods to getting points and they are as follows:

The first way
is to place as high as possible in your respective class.(The higher the better) For example:

1st = 8 pts
2nd = 7 pts
3rd = 6 pts
4th = 5 pts
5th = 4 pts
6th = 3 pts
7th = 2 pts
8th = 1 pts
9th+ = 0 pts

If you do not make it into the Bass Race elimination brackets, you will not receive any points for the event. You must be in the top 8 to receive some amount of points.

The second way is by being as consistant as possible with the highest average. The average will be obtained by averaging all of your WINNING scores including your qualifying round and all of your elimination rounds (maximum of 4 scores possible, but a minimum of 2 scores is required). Your last round ran if it is a losing score, will be counted as a zero if it is needed to get the 2 score minimum (ie. 139.0) into the average. If you are the only competitor in a class, you MUST take at least 1 bye run to get the 2 score minimum) or you will will receive a ie 139.0 to be averaged in automatically. For example:

Qualifying round 139.8
1st Quarter final elimination round 139.7
2nd Semi final elimination round 139.9
3rd Final elimination round 139.8

Total them together and your average score would be 139.8.
The average score will be rounded up to the next highest tenth. Ie. 139.75 (only a score of .05 or higher will be rounded up) would then be rounded up to a 139.8. A rounded up score to a .9 will get 9 points. A set of actual perfect .9 scores will get 10 points. A bust out/overshot does NOT count against you if you already have at least 2 winning scores to be counted, but if it is one of your 2 rounds minimum to be counted then it DOES count against you and will be counted as a .0 value and dramatically effective your average by lowering it. Points will be awarded as follows.

139.9 = 9/10 pts
139.8 = 8 pts
139.7 = 7 pts
139.6 = 6 pts
139.5 = 5 pts
139.4 = 4 pts
139.3 = 3 pts
139.2 = 2 pts
139.1 = 1 pt
Under = 0 pts

The third and final way is by simply participating in the dB Drag Racing event in conjunction with the Bass Race event at the same show. You will receive 2 pts for doing so. You do not need to participate in the dB Drag event to obtain points towards the accummulative total for the season.

Lastly, in a tie break situation for the ESP Challenge points at the event, it will be broken by one or more of the methods until decided:

1st. The competitors higher overall average (closest to a perfect score of ie 139.9) of the Bass Race scores from the event not rounded (actual average) regardless of the amount of rounds ran.

2nd. The competitor with the most highest scores in their Bass Race class. Advancing farther through the rounds (you may take bye runs to increase your chances) does give you an advantage because there are more scores to consider. For example:

Competitor #1 (average score of 139.8)

Competitor #2 (average score of 139.8)

Competitor #1 advances with (2) 139.9s as competior #2 only has (1) 139.9.

3rd The competitor the has the highest Bass Race scores in the latest rounds going from the end back to the beginning. For example:

Competitor #1
4th round 139.9 tie
3rd round 139.9 winner with a .9
2nd round 139.7
1st round 139.7

Competitor #2
4th round 139.9 tie
3rd round 139.8 loser with a .8
2nd round 139.8
1st round 139.7

This should alleviate all tie break situations.

So ultimately, by maintaining a high average throughout the entire event, finishing as high as possibly in your class and finally participating in the dB Drag event,you can take home some cash and bragging rights. Good luck and I hope to see you in the lanes.

There will be new ESP Challenge "Lite" series in which you will win your entry fee back instead of the usual $100. But there's a nice twist, you will receive the normal ESP points at the event plus the winner of a "Lite" event will receive a bonus on the very next ESP Challenge event by getting a Double your points bonus. So if you finish the next event with say 20 pts, you will actually receive 40. Don't miss out on the new "Lite" series starting in May 2011.

There will be a second twist and incentive program starting up for the 2011 season.
This will be aimed towards the dB Drag side of competition which should spark some interest since the Bass Race crowd now has the ESP Challenge. This new "cash back" format will be offered at some of the official ESP Challenge events.

This will be called an ESP Extreme event.

This will not be like the traditional ESP Challenge where you are accumulating points towards the season end Finale.

This will hopefully bring out more dB Drag competitors and from a greater distance.
The object of this new format is to gain as many points at one single event as possible to win a cash back prize.

The way you accumulate points is:

1st, by using your highest WINNING score at the event, find out where that score would rank among the current Certified scores (in the USA only) posted on the dB Drag Racing website. I will bring a copy of the most up to date Certified scores for all classes as posted on the Friday before the event in question.

Points will be calulated by inverting the rank from 1st thru 15th. So 1st place rank would get 15pts. 15th place rank would get 1pt. Use the list below.

1st = 15pts
2nd = 14pts
3rd = 13pts
4th = 12pts
5th = 11pts
6th = 10pts
7th = 9pts
8th = 8pts
9th = 7pts
10th = 6pts
11th = 5pts
12th = 4pts
13th = 3pts
14th = 2pts
15th = 1pt

2nd, by averaging all of your WINNING scores at the event and comparing that average to your highest winning score. Your calculated average score will be rounded up to the nearest tenth. There must be at least 2 scores used to find an average. At a minimum, your qualifying score will be used and then(in this order): Firstly, your final round score(if only 2 competitors total are in your class). Secondly, your bye run score(if there is no one else in your class). Lastly, your first losing score (because you would not have a second winning score). The goal here is to be consistant throughout the entire event in every round. This proves both competitor and system reliability in the lanes at all times. No one likes to see "sandbagging" anyways. Lol.

Points are as follows: you will LOSE 1pt for every .1db differing between your highest winning score and your calculated average.

3rd, advance as far as you can through the elimination rounds. Points are as follows:

1pt Quarterfinal round
2pts Semifinal round
3pts Final round

You can only receive one point amount(either 1, 2 or 3pts).

A perfect score for the event would be 18 points.

15 points for a #1 ranking score.

0 point deduction for a perfect 0db differential between your highest winning score and your calculated average.

3 points for making it to the final round of eliminations.

So, by being loud, consistant and enduring throughout the can rise to the top and take home some cash.
The minimum cash back payout will be your dB Drag entry fee. The more people that enter, the more that will be able to be paid back.

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Team Naptime
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Friday nights was pretty good
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Well I guess Saturdays are cool to but Sundays are actually a little difficult for me. but I could try to swing it.
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either day is fine for me. sunday seems to be easiest for most ppl that ive talked to around here..
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Originally posted by jcarnes2:
Well I guess Saturdays are cool to but Sundays are actually a little difficult for me. but I could try to swing it.
let me guess praying to god or praying for db's which one...........
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ESP Challenge
I have 2 dates in mind. November 12th and on Thanks Giving weekend the 26th. How many are definitely in for one or both? I will finalize them by Tuesday if I get enough positive replies.
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ESP Challenge
Both are Sundays
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november 19th is great for me!
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im in for both!
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hope to be in for both my dad started to take things apart for the winter so I have to get with him. That and need to get new amps
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Nov 18-19 is no good for me. Prolly be in Kansas City for Usaci finals. Anythin else I am up for.
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depends on what the wifey's work schedule looks like what one's i can make.
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ESP Challenge
I can't do one on the 19th. I'm going to usac finals to watch.
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ESP Challenge
...and possibly be picking up my new extreme 1 car for next year from someone at finals there after the show is over
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