Hello guys, new here

i am having trouble getting consistent readings.

At times i could lose a db or more and i just cant work out why.

i have hit higher scores when i have done 20 burps and abused my electrical, my peak seems to change about 1-2 hz

The only thing i can think is i seem to get better scores when the car is warm, at the moment here it is between -4 and 0deg celcius

for example i was testing tonight. recently i have peaked at 149.7 and over the last few days have been at around 149.4 ish. today i go out and am doing 148.8 and then all of a sudden with no changes made out comes 149.5

since doing the 149.7 i also put a sheet of 18mm ply up on the roof which gained nothing except for at low frequency (gained over a db at 25hz) and i also flared my port which again gained nothing.
since doing the 149.7 i have made the car better but peak has gone down (only by .2 but i was expecting to gain .5db from doing the roof as it was flexing like jello)


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Changes in temperature, humidity, barometric preasure, etc. all change the properties of the medium through which the waves travel (air) and may effect SPL.

Also most batteries don't put out as much when cold.
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