So i see there been a lot that's changed over the last 15 years in both car audio and competition. When I left the scene in 2005 the last show I did was in MECA. It seems that organization is no longer? Anyway I'm looking to do a competition at slamology in September (if it doesn't get cancelled) but I can't really find any organizations with clear cut rules or classes for that weekend. I don't really care what organization I'm in but I'm more comfortable with outlaw style metering. A little bit about what I'm currently running right now and most likely will be come September. My car with stock electrical, oem radio and my car does not have a cd player but does have USB port for audio files. I'll be running a single 15" sub and 1500watts no extra batteries or capacitors. Would I be allowed to use an aftermarket radio wired remotely? 

Thanks for any and all help! 
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