We are having an NSPL 3x and DB Drag 1x event on Sunday Nov 19 in High Point, NC at Eastgate Electronics. Entry fees for NSPL Members will be $20.00 for NSPL or $30.00 for both NSPL and DB Drag. Non-Members NSPL will be $25.00 and DB Drag $25.00. Bass Race will be offered for $5.00 with an NSPL or DB Drag entry. There will be Loudest overall Trophies for Trunk, Car, Truck, No-Wall, Ama, Pro, Unmodified, and Modified. The shop address is 200 Eastchester Drive in High Point, NC 27260. For more info call (336) 887-2455.
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thanks Fred for that information.
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dang fred,let's do this in the spring or summer also.sorry i won't be able to make this one.
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