well it's been a while since i stopped in but i figure if anybody knew the awnser i would find it here.

for the life of me i can't remember how the old school alpine 7292s pullout with cd changer control works. i really don't remember ever having a cd changer with my original 7292s.

so now that i am done restoring my 86 iroc i had to keep to the era when installing my system and i had to go with the 7292s because thats all i use to use back then and i love them. but unlike back than we have ipod's today and i am trying to patch the audio in via the m-bus. i found a nice m-bus to ipod with charging capability's and the 7292s will not let me go into cd mode. i remember something about a resistor to make the alpine think it had the cd changer hooked up. but don't remember how it needed to be done.

i do have another m-bus adapter made by alpine with rca's and three wire coming out. it's called interconnect for cd shuttle system model # 4913. when i found that after the ipod one didn't work i figured was all set and that alpine had made something for this app. but no luck. i tested the wires coming out...

orange - remote on , red - accessory's and a green - battery. the red and green have constant power when deck is hook to power supply and ground on the orange. i have applied power to orange but will short right out , and ground to the orange wire with no result. so i am thing it maybe the wire i need to resist ground to. don't really know. so any help at all would be great i am at a loss. i don't even know if the cd option works because i don't have a changer to test. but i can't see it being bad or burnt. but will be searching for a cd changer from that era to test if i don't get no where. but i hate to buy something i will not use.

i also have a few other 7292s that i will be trying to see if i get lucky. thanks guys for any help.
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