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I'm not trying to create tension or dramas I'm just trying to have some fun, I think it's great people are sharing their opinions.

I have been to two dB Drag events in my life and both were this year where I competed in Street Stock A, I have since purchased a SS 3-4 car but still retain the Street Stock A car.

My feelings are because I am not sponsored or employed in the audio industry there should be no issue with me running both cars.

I have no intention of ever shipping my cars half way around the world to enter them in World Finals so I am not going to be effecting many people, I would think it a mistake to say that a first year person can not enter more than one car at an event (in different classes) when dB Drag is struggling to get cars and new people involved.

I like the idea of seeing my name up on the SPL Leaderboard and I would be happy if I could get both cars on there and be given zero points towards the World Finals.

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