ok, I'm new here and i need some help. i just bought 2 Fosgate p2d410" with a 500-1bd fosgate amp. now i have to buy a new box because my old one doesnt fit. i have always had a sealed downfire box and i was looking for a new one then i ran into an Obcon downfire PORTED box!.

i need some opinions on which one should i get, should i stick to the sealed or try for the first time in my life, a ported box?

here's the boxes I'm looking at
a similar SEALED?
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ported if it has enough airspace and is tuned low enough.

just so you know, you can take the covers off the magnets. We do it all the time with the P1,2, & 3's.
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GA Loan
not going to be enough volume for port.
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