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1/20/12 cant wait
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Originally posted by HCCAfan:
dont forget the deficit is atleast 5x more as well.....

but yeah, the guy aint doing a bad job, wouldn't mind seeing what his second term ends up like. just need to get rid of the house and senate. all of em.
and what let one guy make all the choices? He was on the right track with overhaulin healthcare but socializing is not what we need, the government eliminating pharm sales reps is a great start why do we need companys paying sales reps 100 to 150k a yr plus whatever their expenses are to wine and dine a doc into writing a scrip for cialis instead of viagra, all that does is add to the already pricey process into studying and creating new medicine. we need a better system of politicians get rid of the career ones, make them live by the laws they pass for us, and start getting some everyday people in there to shake things up, make them start seeing what the average person deals with
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