pork chop
I have not been on here for quite some time, but have been lurking around the past couple of days, feel like I missed alot.

Was wanting any input you may have on this subwoofer, for a general purposes, this will be used in conjunction with a SAZ 3000D at 2 ohms, for daily ground pounder. Have not decided on a enclosure style yet but looking real hard at a t-line, sub inverted, firing up, and port to the side, extended cab Dakota.

Any opions or comments welcomed. Any build logs, install pics, videos, has any one pushed them hard like a spl sub? Any input will be appreciated.

Thanks Chop
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Master Yoda
what size sub? I have not personaly tested these subs but look simmaler to the Mach 5 subs. not sure how they compair? If you do a T-Line box I recomend going with a smaller sub as they box only gets bigger with the sub size. I have seen a setup in a extended cab ford with subs up and port up with two 18's. We also have a guy on the team that ran a standerd cab dodge truck with two 12's sub forward port up doing over a 151db in the kick door open. I am sure that you can run that amp at 1 ohm daily those things are a beast!! just make sure you have plenty of battery!!
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