Anybody played with them in a car. I have never actually messed around with any passive setup and just wondered what if any input on the topic. Just thought it maybe somthing to play around with.
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ive had a sub come unplugged before. i guess that would make it a passive radiator. happened to a friend of mine too. his score dropped a few dbs from it. of course we didnt know til after the show. but, it was still higher than the one sub.
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Brutal Bass
i did that way back with my mtx 6000's. Made them sound alot better and smoother.
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Philip J Lester III
sound better but are not as loud compared to a port. go port or go home - no token woofers on this website!!

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What if your passive radiator is huge, like use four 18" Solox top assembly and two 15" subs to move them?
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pimpin at my house
^ that would be too much. passive radiators are weighted for the sub. you cant just throw one in. earthquake had a sub that was ment to run with a passive radiator. the pr is ment to take the stress away from the driver with output close to a ported enclosure. the difference is smoother frequency responce with a better roll off. not great for spl...
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any one try one in a ported box.i meesed up a sub before in a common chamber box.i just unhooked one and ran all the power to the other.would this damage a real woofer if it was just in the box with no power.of course it doesnt move as much
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PR systems can manage every bit as much output as a vented system for musical purposes, and I suppose there's nothing that "technically" prevents you from using them for SPL applications, but I haven't seen many people doing it.

The primary advantages of a PR system are:

1) No port noise
2) Ease of tuning small enclosures to a low frequency
3) Requires less space for a given box, since the PR displaces very little box volume compared to a conventional port

PRs are great when used effectively, the most important thing to remember when using them is to calculate tuning properly and also to ensure that the PR system can effectively displace at least 2x the air of the active driver in the system.
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