I figured I would post this in the dB Drag forum, since it seems to be the only one on Termpro that gets much traffic. My computer has been acting up recently, but the site just seemed to be loading slower than most other sites. I ran a test at WEBPAGETEST.ORG and came up with the following results:

There is some serious hang. Either the server is hanging with the processing of that first file or else the scripting needs some cleaning up. I am posting this with the hopes that Wayne or someone else else that admins this site will see this and improve the speed of the page loading. Traffic on this forum has really died down, and a slow forum will scare more people away. I'd hate for this place to shut down.

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Team Prodigy James
I've had no issues with any of the forums loading in IE, or Firefox. Perhaps you should download and run Ccleaner to clear up your temp, internet, and cache files, fix your registry and make sure your disk is defraged. This always clears up any slowness issues I have with my work or home pc's. (I work IT also ;-))
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Wayne Harris
I have been running "server intensive" processes to clean up the imported database. For example, a new search index had to be built. All 1.5 million posts had to be indexed. Stuff like that. It should be working fast now.
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