It would be nice if they bring the classifieds back!!! There has got to be a way to do this again. I know most sites require you to take a pic with your screen name and date of the pic. As a group, let's figure out a safe way to buy / sell on the site and present this to Wayne. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Too much trouble, especially from the stand point of wayne and the moderators. People will get butt hurt and scammed and worse it just happens. Nothing can prevent it, however this boards main function isn't a buy/sell website, there are plenty of those out there diyma/caco/floridaspl/caraudio.com/ are a few I know of that have classifieds with Caco having the largest section. There are many more, I remember when we had them and the bickering back and forth as well as users wanting intervention by wayne and db drag was just too much.

IMO, leave them off and let the other sites be used for it.
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