I am desperate!!!

I am trying to design a very simple, low cost, alarm system to prevent people from stealing my air conditioning unit in the back of the house. It seems that due to the high cost of copper our unit has been gutted out the first time and the whole unit was stolen the second time around. We are installing the steel cage around the new unit, but from reading the posts from other people, it is not 100% deterrent, and will most likely just slow them down.

What I am trying to do is to add another aspect of the protection, some type of VERY LOUD outside siren that will sound an alarm if, maybe a simple wire is cut? Maybe run a simple wire around the cage and if it is at all tempered with, the alarm will sound? I think that this should scare them and they will run away.

I am at a loss here and have no idea where to start and what to get. I am really good with hands and can solder if necessary, and follow the directions.

Can you please be kind to advise on how to create something very simple and low cost that will accomplish this? If possible, please let me know what I need to buy, where and how to hook it up.

Thank you SO VERY MUCH in advance.

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Here in Australia you can buy personal alarms that run on long life batteries from electronic shops that cost very little.

They fit in the palm of your hand and have a wrist strap that has a pin on the end that is inserted into the alarm, if the pin is removed the alarm lets out a high pitched noise (said to be around 119dB) and would be sure to bring notice.

You could hook somthing like that up with the alarm attached to the air con and the strap connected to the cage, that way if they did remove the cage the alarm would be activated even before they get near the aircon.

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Arizona Kid
Redneck alarm: wire a motion sensor.from a flood light to a loud siren or alarm super loud alarm clock. When sensor is triggered it will sound alarm. U can also set sensitivity.
Another way to "prevent" theft is to coat casing of object with lube or grease. Thus leaving being finger prints where they touch. U can also spread baby powder or flour ok the ground around object. They'll leave foot prints. All good evidence if person attempts it.
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Guys, these people stole the AC while being video taped. They do not care about the fingerprints and evidence.

I am really looking to design something that will make an ENORMOUS sound, the loudest possible, that all the neighbors will hear, as soon as they start to temper with the AC, so they will just run away.

Also, if possible, please be specific on exactly what I need to buy and how to hook it up.
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