i have absolutely no help or found any article on this subject so for the love of god...pls help me..

i have a 95 ford bronco..i know that everyone is more into chevy's and i dont' expect much help with this but anything helps and i greatly appreciate it.

i have 2 alternators mounted. a 95 amp and 250 amp. they both have their own 3 wire pigtail plug, external voltage regulators mounted to the back of the casing. would it be best to wire the alts in series or parallel? use the 95a for basic electrical and 250a for amps or combine them for everything? i have my truck running off the 95a right now. i also have a single alternator MLA module i just purchased last month. big 3 upgrade was done from the git-go but not sure how to use that either if i combine both alts together. i already have dual runs of knu kolossus fleks power and ground going to a pair of 100ah batts that provide for my sub amp which is an opti 6k.

when i do this project i will post a vid of it so that anyone needing help will have it to reference. thanks for any and all help and if you can't provide any then thanks for listening to my problem!!
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you could use the stock alt to power the battery under the hood and the vehicle. Use the 250A alt to run just the rear batteries and the amplifiers. keep them totally separate. I would suggest running new wire for the headunit to run off the rear batteries and big alt.
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that's what i originally wanted to do but change of plans..dom said i'd get better power if i double up the alts..talking to him in pm's and waiting on a call. thanks for the suggestion and really hope to get this finished soon
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this is what i've got so far..strange thing is my idle voltage has dropped to 13.2 or a tad higher. maybe cuz the 95a is weaker amperage than the 250a and some of the power might be going back towards it..
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oh, and the MLA module is wired on the HO alt
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ben jamin
Well there has been tons of info posted on this topic but no one ever sticks it so that it can be used.
The best and the easiest way to run two alts is to use one for the car or truck and one for the audio batteries. There are several reasons for why this is the best and also why it is the easiest.
The three wire alts have one wire that goes through the ignition and a little light bulb in your dash. That wire is called the exciter wire and the small amount of resistance that the light bulb gives the circuit is what makes the alternator function.
If you leave the factory alt alone and add a second alt with whatever brackets you choose to use then you only have that one wire to deal with (exciter wire) and of course the power wire to your audio batteries from the second alt.
When you add an alt as a separate charger for your audio use you will need.
Keyed power.
A small 12 volt light bulb.
Some brackets. I make my own.
A different length belt to make sure you get a good tight fit.
Run the keyed power through the light bulb to the exciter wire ( one of the three small wires in the alt harness) and you have a good working second alt with a light to let you know if something is wrong. You will need to know which wire is the exciter on the alt you are using which means asking or googeling a little but that’s the easiest part of the job.
For a good belt length run a string around the pulleys when your done include the tensioner position into your measurement mark the string and go get a belt that length.

I have wired two and three alts up to one battery bank also and in doing so I have discovered some the problems with that method.
At low demand times when you really just need one alt to be running what happens?
Some of the problems ive seen are one or more of the extra alts getting hot. This seems to be more the diodes being over worked but I don’t know for sure. I have also noted diminished power output from alts that are wired up together.
I have never spent the time to figure out why multiple as one charger causes so many problems because it works out better for me to and easier to run them separate.
I am currently running three alts under the hood of an econoline 150 van for daily use.
Two alts is the limit for SSNW which is what I do with the van and so I have one alt that I take out sometimes to compete by the rules. I have 13 batteries at the moment one for the van and two banks of six for the subs.
I know I left out some things and there is some stuff about alts that I don’t know but if you have any questions let me know and I will try to answer if I can.
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pm sent man...good info!!!
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