About a year ago, I installed an Alpine CDE-126BT and an Autostart into a customers G5.
He claims to have had a battery drain ever since my install.
He brought the car back a few weeks ago with paperwork from mechanics detailing the various current draws and what they dropped by when they pulled fuses. Apparently the microphone from the deck was causing a 47 milliamp draw.
I tested the car myself, and found a device that is cellular based (it has a SIM card in it) that was wired to cut off the starter line. This unit was keeping a relay activated all the time. Through my testing, I found a draw of 52 milliamps with this piece connected, and 6 milliamps with it disconnected. I was pretty sure I had found the problem. This piece was in the car before I ever touched it. The customer still say he has a problem. I think at this point, with multiple boosts, there may be an issue with his battery. The mechanics say his battery tested OK.
Has anybody had an issue like this before? I don't know anything else I can check and do not have the equipment to test his charging system and battery.
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