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It turns out that hand-held bomb detectors sold by a British company not only aren't effective... they don't do anything... at all.

Think that's an exaggeration? check out this quote:

"Explosives expert Sidney Alford took apart the "black box" of the GT200, which is supposed to receive signals from the detection cards.

He was surprised at what he found.

"There are no electronic parts. [...] Speaking as a professional, I would say that is an empty plastic case."

Many have been sold to countries (mostly in the middle-east, like Afghanistan and Iraq). Unfortunately this isn't some joke, or some fake Onion-type news site. It is true, and the fake devices have already been blamed for not detecting the bombs that have caused hundreds of deaths. Yes, hundreds. It was actually the deaths at places where the detectors were in use that caused the effectiveness of the devices to be tested.
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Broken Silence - Johnny
The only thing that upsets me is that I didn't think of it first...If you are dumb enough to buy something and not know if it actually works, that's your own fault!
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Ummm wow. Owned!
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