If the square port specs for a woofer is 12.5H X 1.5W X 17L does that mean if I did two woofers sharing the same air space, the ports should be 25H X 3W X 34L (double what the specs called for)?

Also, is 12.5H X 1.5W X 17L the same as 6.25H X 3W X 17L?

Thanks in advance.
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double the square inches space of the opening of the port, but dont lengthen the port. if you are trying to figure something out, here is a helpful port calculator. but, yeah, if you made it 34 inches deep, it would be wwwaaaaaaayyyyy oooooffff. also it doesnt have to be those exact dimensions, example: 12.5 x 1.5, which is too narrow for my liking = 18.75 square inches. you can double that to any dimensions to equal around 36 square inches. id go wider to at least 4 inches and work from that. and yes, those last two you multipled would be the same area, but dont change the depth of the port for doubling the area. just in case, it may vary a bit for a change in dimension so use this calculator.
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