i have a crunch gp3000d pro, from all the vibrations of the box it loosened a capacitor and two power mosfets, the capacitor is now replaced but i still need the power mosfets if anyone has any for sale i am interested, also

does anyone know what the "lc" in IRFP360LC stand for? or the difference between IRFP360LC and irfp360?

i even have two datasheets here and i cannot tell a difference....



my power mosfets on my amp say irfp360lc but i would rather get the cheaper version if they are the same...

any thoughts or even if anyone has these parts that they are willing to sell me i am interested.
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DigiKey has this DIGIKEY

Its only 13.25 and will work in these amps better than the originals. I have replaced them before around here since no one around here locally knows how to treat these amps. Never had one come back since swapping out to these mosfets.

Let me know
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You should use the LC parts if the original had them.
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Mr.Sears one 15 sub from hell
LC...stands for (low charge),which means your mosfet has faster switching ability over your standard mosfet.So yes the lc version is better than the standard version.I know things like this because I repair amplifiers.Hope that helps
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and the "pbf" stands for Lead-free construction. this is becoming WAY more common and sometimes all i can find
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