On the back of my head unit i only have 2 pre outs. So 1 is for the amp driving the sub and the other is for my amplifier driving the speakers. The 1 driving the speakers (JL AUDIO M4500) i have all 4 speakers bridged. Out of the four channels its the + left and - right on both channels. making channel 1 and 2 bridged and 3 and 4 bridged. Now my question is would i get better sound quaity or it even louder if i ran another rca cable to the amp ports 3 and 4 because i only have 1 which is plugd into 1 and 2. All speakers still run at the momment just wondering if tis worth upgrading head unit??
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I would have to say it a matter of what you are looking for. My head unit has a separate output for everything. I have exultant sound quality out of it. Now my wife
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