Carlos Schuster
Hi Harry, I'm writing from Montevideo Uruguay. (TRANSLATOR) TermLab we will buy a few months ago, and is giving us the following problem:
Already given use, and without problems.
Yesterday, we tried to re-measure, and the program did not respond.
If you entered the software but when we gave him on "Start" sensors emit no response.
The LED lights up and flashes, but the image does not show me anything.
Uninstall the program to 0, and install everything again, but in this case, the curious thing was that they never asked me the activation code. I wanted to know if I could help with this problem.
Of course, many thanks!
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Wayne Harris
By default, the Term-LAB meter will show an SPL reading of 0.00 dB for SPL's under 120 dB.
To change this...
1. Select "Tools / Hardware Configuration / Input Devices" from the pull-down menu.
2. Click on the "Edit" button next to the sensor you wish to configure.
3. Change the "Min SPL" value to 80.
4. Repeat this process for the second channel.
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