Im building a car for bassrace/demo primarily. But one of my goals with it is to also burp over 160 db at whatever frequency it ends up peaking at.

Initial plan was to run a tunnel wall with 12 18s but at this point I simply cannot afford all those woofers aswell as the power and batts required.

So instead I'm going a different route with the setup.

Ill be buying as much of the gear used as possible in order to just have the car running and playing as soon as I can. Ive been working on this thing for 3 years now and money troubles have held me back from working on it so now Id really like to get it playing and having fun with it so I can show up to events and do my part to help the sport. Then in the future if money permits Ill consider building my previously planned larger tunnel setup in a vehicle with more room and better shape for SPL. I have a vehicle picked out already for this and I have a design which should be absolutely ridiculous on music using 12 18s and 4 big amps.

For my setup Ill be trying the woofers in tubes first in order to have the largest and most efficient ported chamber possible. Ill either buy 21" or 24" pvc or more than likely Ill make 10 or 12 sided tubes out of mdf.

The setup will be 2 Incriminator Audio warden Neo 21s (or another brand if they release a good woofer bigger than 18"), 1 amp and later upgrade to 2 (amps that do 12k at minimum), 16 volt bank. Working out the numbers now...using 21"pvc as an example. I would have the tube 16 1/4" long to make 3.0 cubic feet sealed per woofer. Which fits perfectly in the shape of my enclosure and leaves 40-48 cubic feet ported chamber. Which in my eye seems like it should be plenty efficient.

****My question**** For guys who have done walled setups using tubes. Who has tried making the setup a 6th order by using an open back to the tube? And what results did you find? All the pics Ive seen posted used closed tubes so I imagine 4th order is the way to go but Im curious what results were had.

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the first guy to hit 180 used open tubes.
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How did this turn out?! Did you ever get around to doing this or not? I am looking to try and do the same.
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