Master Yoda
I was at a show this past weekend, and the judge was running the new software. I currently have a termlab but have not upgraded it to the new software just yet, before I do I have a few questions.

what is the relationship between the real time peak and the FO max/peak?

What I notice was the real time read 78Hz and I was peaking at 62Hz. I burbed at 62Hz.

should I be trying to get the real and peak closer together?

in addition to this I was told that once you unhook a meter from the system for the first time it would void this mesurment and it would not be accurate any more? the way that I understood the readings is that the sensor picked up 78Hz as what should have been my loudest score and that I was burping 62Hz. can someone please tell me if I am going down the right path with this logic. if this is the case I will need to be going in a new direction with my box desighns and should get the new software to aid in my testing. I belive if I can get these two numbers together that my score in theroy should go up. Thanks for the help.
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Wayne Harris
The real-time number represents the "real-time" measurment RIGHT NOW. This value will change continuously with each and every sample (once per second).

The Peak Fo is the frequency where the current Real Time peak SPL occurred.

The Fo Max is the frequency where you hit your highest SPL during the entire measurement.

I don't understand the question regarding "unhooking" the meter from the system.

Good luck with your box.
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Master Yoda
ok so now I am confused. I am not sure I understand the benifit of the real time mesurment? why would it read or even mesure 78Hz if I am doing a 62Hz burp? or why would it even change? I guess I am trying to understand the dinamics of this and how I could use this information to my beniffit to get louder? can you help me understand how the real time changes so that I can plot a chart for this and see how it changes when burping at different Hz? I am also wondering if it takes a reading every second if I play nothing durring my run will it have a real time of 30Hz or will it read 0 or even better if I play a test tone for the entire 30 seconds will it read the same as the test tone?

I do understand the Peak Fo and the Max FO maily for people doing a sound sweep to get them in the ball park of what there enclosure and there car seem to peak at.

The question reguarding unhooking the meter was when I assked about these to mesurment at the show I was told that once the new software was installed and the sensor is connected for the first time that the real time would read correctly but if you ever unhooked the meter once the new software was installed that it would make the real time Hz read incorrectly from that point forward? I hope that this helps clear up the questions I have. thanks for the support and look forward to being at finals this season!
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Master Yoda
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