We have a 3X Event on the 26.09.2010 in Bremen. It is fixed that it will be a Regional Event in order to quallify for the world finals next year.

Here is a link from the original thread on German termpro:

You can register when you write Detlef Hagel a email to

I try to explain what the whole weekend will happen....

Friday 24.09.2010
1X called warm up without starting fee....also without trophies.

Saturday 25.09.2010
3X Event German Finals dB Drag, BassRace and 4X Event dB Cup.

Sunday 26.09.2010
3X Event Regional

I hope to see many of you guys there... ...if you need more informations....feel free to ask!
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If this was known 2 months Earlier ... I Sure was there , now ... you know

Still : i wish everybody there ALOT of FUN !!!! Aspecialy sure All "the ladies from Goch"

Like told before : take alot of pictures from All hours of the day - night
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some team emperor girls will come to the event.
And me myself and i too.
Bremen is 2 hour drive.
Whe will take some pics off the walkin(g) cooler
from sgk for you Stany.
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Good to hear that you
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