Hi, I recently purchased a TL and I have been using it for the last few weeks. I was doing some testing today and I thought my numbers were a little screwy. I turned my car off and with the mic still in my passenger kick and all of the doors closed, I was still getting readings. WTH?? I mean, my neighbor was cutting his grass, but you can't tell me that his mower is 124.5db @ 18hz inside my car with the doors closed. I was getting readings up and down the spectrum. I know that my TL is supposed to never need calibration, but I know what 120db sounds like and it was definitely not that loud outside.

Please help! Thanks.
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Wayne Harris
If you are using an older Term-LAB (with the external power supply), make sure the power supply is not plugged in to the same outlet as a "noisy" device (such as a battery charger for your car.)

Keep in mind that Term-LAB is not intented to measure low SPL's of less than 120 dB.
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Sometimes I need to unplug my laptop charger so this won't happen. Is the EMI entering through the RJ cable?
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power supplies plugged into the same 110V circuit with unclean switching can cause things like this
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