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Hey guys.... remember that Car Audio game that I was working on back in 2001? It's finally DONE!!! hahahahaha it only took 11 years
So far I only got 3 subs in there... Atomic Thunder Extreme, Shiva and Blueprint Audio. Was gonna add an Audiomobile MASS but Matt Overpeck never emailed me back about the specs.

Later SPLers!
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where is it? lol
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I'm still here!!
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13idnyk wrote:
Ef Facebook!

No joke, having to "follow and friend" people pffft... Enjoyed coming here and bs ing innocent random bystanders.
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tototototototo the top cuz now you need 10 characters, wtf
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going out on a limb here, but far as audio forums go, I think the SMD forum is probably popular. I don't have a real system atm so don't go there but I would wager from vids I see floating around, his forum is the newer version of termpro for street beater/ground pounder kids and I don't know how the competition scene has been but I would think that slowed down as well? from what I remember from a few years ago, with all the new rule changes of then, people were getting discouraged, long time competitors... so if they don't do dbdrag, why would they come on here? when they can get their fix anywhere else... just makes sense. sad as I am to see it go. IIRC car audio planet or something was the rave before termpro. back when termpro was a great classifieds for spl equipment in like 2000 lol. so before that car audio planet was where it was at, I'd venture to say that died a while ago as well..

all we can do is post when we can and see what happens here... I decided to log on last night and decided to come back today while at work and I'm trying to get my points and awards up like a game just for the heck of it and figured I'd try to boot some spam bots while I'm at it haha. I did notice some of the long time guys have been coming on posting recently so who knows, post ur pix of the new wagon and see who comments once in a while when you decide to check out term

just my 2 cents...
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Some of the havent posted in years people actually showed up!!


Time to get this **** Rolling Again?!??

I'll go get PAguy.... Y'all wait here.


And where the fudge is tempe?
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Iggys Ghost
Aah old times.
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I myself have been updating my post and build, usually everday i still peek in, see my build guys let me know ur thoughts. Thanks
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