Federico Dore
I watch the forums for so long, I'm Italian and I do not speak English very well, use the translator but with great difficulty
I hope to refine the language, talking about her
I'd like to share my work with you

IT return. I have a problem with the amp, Power Cell 5000 in the engine compartment, 8 1/0 awg positive + 8 1/0awg negative
burp at full power the amp goes into protection (0.86 ohm) and the yield decreases very logically
work on the car yet so I have to soundproof the floor and the trunk. The best job you get to 1.1 amp / 1.3 ohms
Fs 63 hz car, my class only 60 hz
What do you advise? Soundproof my car first and then work on the box or work on the first box and then soundproofing one thing at a time to see how it goes?
You think I can get the impedance right?

sorry if it is difficult to explain, I ask a little patience

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Master Yoda
your rise will change at different Hz. you may have to burp at a different Hz to keeep the amp out of protect. I would try one thing at a time to see what is a gain and keep building on that.
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Federico Dore
burp at the lower scale (59 hz), the impedance rises 0.05, the amp protects sometimes less, but still I walk away from the car tuning and efficiency drops, I lose 0.8 / 1 db.
I thought the car soundproofing, down tuning, the system impedance rises

I read "impedance vs laughed. burp?" post's a similar problem, But the fs are very different. I have a street system. can not exceed 60 Hz.
mounting a battery back, the amp does not protect and + 2.2 dB ....but is it illegal :-(

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Federico Dore
Today I studied the test's data, the amp works very badly under 1 ohm impedance with a single battery, so I connected the coils in series 0.5 + 0.5.

as I expected:
1x 12 "(as in street, no panda)

parallel 0.25 ohm ideal volume = 39 --- burp60hz >>>> 4100 watts ....... score 152.8 db
parallel 025 ohm ideal. volume = 40 --- burp 60 Hz>>>> protection ......... score 147.5 db
Series 1 ohm ideal. volume = 46 --- burp 60 Hz>>>> 4400 watts .......... score 153.4 db

Now the problem is that none of the 2 cases I can get 7500/8000 watts at full power :-(
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English: Hi Fede,how are you???
Try to work in the car(seats,doors pannels,roof,damping etc...) and after tuning again the box!

Italian: Ciao Fede,come va?
Prova a lavorare sulla macchina(sedili,pannelli porta,tetto,insonorizzazione etc...)e poi riaccorda il box!
Street Stock 500
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Federico Dore
Eila! I'm fine and you? .. And all the other guys?

your advice is right. continue to work on the car, I have not had much time, also because I understand where the problem was.

working on the car, I will also provide better efficiency, making it even more stable.

Let's see if the impedance rises!

They like me all the advice.
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Federico Dore
Hi guys,

I started working on the car.
Unfortunately I have little time available and I hope to finish by September 27 for a race where I will try to recover the Italian record. It will be very difficult to beat 155.1 db. I need to "stabilize" the efficiency of the car and lift the 'impedance, I can go at full power and get closer to the score.
I will keep you updated.

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Try to add box volume, impedance rise will be higher
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Federico Dore
hi Smoker

I give you reason, because the next job will be to increase the volume of the box.

I think I will be forced even lower by fs after the car noise.

I hope to get into the lens.

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