Exile son of Exodus
I'm doing a build for a friend starting next month. I'm looking for ideas to make this as stelth as possible. This will be a daily and he wants it to be as painfully loud as possible. I was thinking 4 10s but no bigger than 12s. Also I would like to use Soundstream amps. I need thoughts on everything from supplying power to wiring. This is an '03 rangerover and pictures or drawings would be very helpful.
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1) what are you willing to give up? Space, weight, etc. Please keep in mind referring to loud as possible and stealth and/or clean as possible means I will not take you seriously and you are wasting my time.

2) How much money are you willing to spend? This includes what have you already purchased.

3) what sound stream amps?
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that's what I was going to say. "Stealth" and "painfully loud as possible" do not coexist.

Does it have the HarmonKardon sound system? Logic7?

If you want stealth, build a fiberglass box in the cargo area on the driver's side where the factory subs are located.

If you want incredibly loud, give up all the cargo space below the windowline(or pull cover if equipped) and do four 10"s firing up with a port to the back. Take out the factory sub and do a couple smaller size batteries behind the panel.

Is he planning on replacing the radio in there?
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Exile son of Exodus
he's willing to give up the 3rd seat and cargo area. It dose not have to be stelth as much as location of amps. For the sub amp I wanted to use a Soundstream XXX 4000D. I'm not sure about the other amps yet but I like Soundstream. The budget is around 7k but I would like to do it for less if possible.
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Well then find a nice deck you would like to use.
Buy some cabling. For a 4000w amp you would need 1/0. Add a nice battery up front and at least one in the back. If you want to stay all soundstream, their subs aren't bad either. Just run four of the woofer that are around 1kW ea.

amps and subs will probably be around $2k. So you have $5k to spend for install, batts, wiring, deck, and speakers.

Batts $300-600 for two
wiring $200
Alternator $300 (150A+)
speakers are up to you ($400-$2000)
Nice deck $400
Install that is really up to you. Find some shops in your area that can do the things you want done.
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