Hello again,i've not been on here for about 10 years,was running 8 fosgate 12" subs in sealed boxes but broke a few,so found a pair of re18's in a rather large slot ported box//Now the 18's dont really suit the sort of music I was listening too so I've changed to scrillex and prodigy now

All was going well but then I started getting a horrible sound from one sub,pulled the box and sub out now and think the voice coil former is rubbing slightly on the magnet I presume.

Any idea if it will wear its self back in and go back to normal

cheers Brian in the Uk
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Maybe check the spiders or surround to see if they're coming loose. If not maybe time for a recone. I had a mt 12" recone on a shocker super extreme that the surround was coming loose and the voicecoil was rubbing and the sub locked up. It was my fault for getting in a hurry I didn't glue the surround down properly. But the recone wasn't really made for my sub either.
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