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ESP Challenge
The biggest reasons to make it out to this event:

An awesome venue and the best competitors will sure to be in attendance.
$1500 in product raffles/giveaways
(2) 50/50 raffles
Awesome trophies for 1st-3rd in ALL classes and even 4th etc in some of the larger classes!
Vintage dB Drag shirts for sale!
$500+ in CASH will be given away!

Have a safe trip in to everyone coming out to one of the biggest shows of 2010. The majority of the "Who's who" of dB Drag Racing & Bass Race will be at this event. Don't miss it!
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USACi's not worth any bonus points in the ESP Challenge is it Greg?
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anyone bringing a generator? my ACDC conver quit on me, I only need some power for saturday
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ESP Challenge
No matt but participation is encouraged and best of show wins cash money. Usaci loudest in each format wins cash too
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f^&*ing fred
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